Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Christmas came early :)

MrNV plays the piano. We have an upright, his father gave it to us some years ago when we lived in our apartment. He doesn't play as often as he should, but the other tenants always commented that they enjoyed hearing him. His father is a pianist, and he can play anything. Since he's in the biz, he knew a guy that knew a guy.. and he called us Wednesday night. He wanted to show MrNV a piano that he wanted to buy for us. These things usually turn out to be something he has to refurbish.. which is fine but it takes him forever. So MrNV crawled out of bed at 8am and went with his pa.. and returned with this amazing beast! It has a sad story, but will have an amazing future! A sweet little old 80 year old lady had purchased it for her husband, he was very sick. The doctor told her that it would help him during rehab to hear music. If you're gonna do something.. do it big I guess. She purchased this monster player grand piano for him in 98. Sadly he passed away recently and she is downsizing. This piano made her sad and she only wanted $500 for it to just go away. After seeing it, my jaw had to be removed from the floor. My husband is so happy, and it sounds so amazing! You put in a little disk of music, she included them, and the little keys go to town. And we didn't take advantage of the little lady, I promise. I guess she was very wealthy, and didn't want more for it at all. Maybe she was happy knowing it would have a new future.

I think I might take a photo of Monkey sitting at the piano and send it to her with a thank you note. Maybe it will make her smile.

Anyway. We'll have to reorganize our living room, but we'll make it all work out. Who knows, I might even learn to play now :)