Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting screwed by Shutterfly

At the end of 2008 I bought a prepaid 10cents per photo card on Shutterfly. I have about 250 prepaid prints, there are 2 specials I purchased. Whatever, they hang onto the credit for a couple years. So I thought it would be cool to print all of the Senior photos I took for my friend's daughter as a gift. However, wallet sizes (there were only about 20 of those) were like 18 cents per page (4 per page) so they wanted to charge me for those. But the prints were 'free'.. since I already had a credit. And including shipping.. then wanted $89! That's basically me paying for only wallet photos and shipping.. regular shipping. WTF?! So I want to Sam's Club online, uploaded all the stuffs... and ordered a total of 333 photos. Cuz I can, so shut up. Included even more wallets... and only paid $47.30. That INCLUDES priority mail shipping, they wouldn't send the large order to the store I had to order them for delivery. But is that insane? Because that total includes all the photos, no credits. How the hell does that even work?! I can't even imagine what the total would have been had there been no credit with Shutterfly, there were about 230 prints I wasn't even being charged for. I got to splurge at Sams', and STILL saved money!

I tell you what. I love Sam's Club more and more every day. I don't care what people say... they save me money and I'm shallow like that :)