Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dearest Journal:

Wow, it has been a long time since I've rambled to you. And it's not that I haven't wanted to. I'm on Facebook now, but I can't really vent my hostilities there.. so I'm sorry but you're it :)

It's the same old stuff. On a good note, my brother has entered a 12 month rehabilitation program, and he's doing great. He's 3 months sober now, and that's amazing for him. He used to act better than everyone else in those lame expensive rehabs of the past, but he is finally realizing he has a problem. Losing everything, including his precious camaro, has been very humbling for him. I get custody of him on Saturdays for about 4 hours, and it has been great to spend time with him. I hope he continues on this road :)

Otherwise, not talking to my mother. See... My sister, married 23 years, found out her chauvinist husband has been seeing $300 per hour escorts for the last few years. And not just now and then! We're talking weekly, up to a couple/few times a week. Addict crazy kind of stuff. I put a keystroke tracker on his computer and got all of his passwords and emails and such. He had women in AZ, TX.. and local. Just crazy. So he left town for 3 days, and when he came back she was gonnnnne. It took 3 shifts of movers, but we did it. But they're talking again. He's going to therapy. So, whatevers. To each their own.

During this time my mother found out from my dad.. who overheard from me... about the affairs. She get mad at MEEEE because my sister was not confiding in her, or turning to her for comfort. WHAT? OK, first it's not MY fault my sister is BFF's with my other sister. They're like 1 year apart, that's what happens. But why am I getting the blame? And SECOND.. and I enlightened her.. why would my sister turn to her for comfort.. when she cheated on my father repeatedly?? I mean c'mon! So she's mad at me for pointing that little tidbit out. Meh. Whatever. I've never called her on it, so it was time for me. I'm old and have no tolerance for anything anymore. If you're acting like a total dick, I'm going to call you on it :)

Um. Otherwise, everything else is the same. The other sister is going on and on about how 'she knows' how the other sister feels.. having been cheated on by 2 of her previous husbands. The difference is that she's a bitch, the sister that has been married 23 years is not. So I'm having to keep away from her because I get tired of the man hating rampages she gets into. Every time she says, "All men are pigs!".. I just want to stab her in the eye. Hag.

But Mister and Monkey are doing super great. Everything within my walls is beautiful and happy ;) Even my dad is behaving somewhat. Other than the usual rantings about Obama and whatever else he can conjure up.. it's all good. Everyone is entitled to their rantings.. maybe he needs a blog :)

Hope you're doing great journal. It's mighty quiet out here these days.