Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hi Blog :)

Dear Blog,

I know, I'm a horrible blogger. I'm sure you missed me. I'm cheating on you with Facebook. It will probably end.. but I can't guarantee. Or maybe I'll give you both up, you never know. But I do like that I can tell you things without EVERYONE knowing. That's a plus. You can be my little secret ;)

So my sister is going through a horrible time in her marriage. Stuff and things going on. Things she isn't supposed to find out about. And she's.. thinking. I feel bad for her, it's pretty awful. I gave my mom a tiny bit of knowledge, so she would stop trying to pick a fight with her for not calling her. When you're going through a horrible time... my mother is not the kind of mother you want to call to talk about it. But I was wrong in telling her anything, and should have just let her explode about her not calling. Because now I am in trouble for 'keeping secrets' and she went off on me. ?! My mother is insane. So I stopped talking to her last week, told her to 'think about how insane' she is being and hung up. I didn't tell my sister, last thing she needs to hear about is argument #49854 with the insane mother. But did that stop mom? Uh, no. She told my sister today that we're arguing. Bitch. I didn't ask what reason mom gave, I just went onto the next subject. I'm curious to know what mom told her. Surely not that she's being a total c*nt because my sister isn't telling her the WHOLE story about why she and her husband are fighting. I really can't stand that woman. I'm so tired of her nicey-nicey facade she puts on around us, and then she talks shit behind our backs. Bitter nasty old woman. So, there's that.

Little Monkey has been sick all week, spiking fevers of 102.6. Finally last Friday the doctors gave him an antibiotic.. and he's better. But it sure took them long enough! I hate when he's sick, I feel so bad for him. And I constantly pester him checking his temperature and asking 1001 questions about how he feels. But he's good now, and I finally got to go grocery shopping yesterday. Yay.

My brother entered a 1 year long rehab program. So that's awesome. He has been there for 1 month so far. And he plans on staying the full program. It's paid for by the state, they have to do volunteer work at the Salvation Army and Harvester's.. and places like that. I don't think he'll want to continue on as a chef when he gets out. He's kind of talking about missionary work. I don't know what criteria they have for that.. but if it works for him I'm happy. He seems to have gone from one extreme to another, but if it doesn't involve drinking I'm all for it. I know they are really nice to him there, and he's taking it so seriously. Everyone is so much happier knowing he's there and getting the help he needs.

Everyone else is doing great. It's all I know for now :) I hope you're doing well blog. Could you call my mother and tell her what a crazy bitch she is? I'd really appreciate it. It's really festering right now. I just don't understand how someone can be so mental, it does not compute.