Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ever horrified?!

Maybe our brains need to be horrified every once in a while.  In our daily life, none of us are really ever in fear of dying on a regular basis.  Stressed out?  Sure.  Annoyed?  Yeah!  Horrified?  No.  Not most of us.  So I'm thinking that's why my brain conjures up these dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night.  People are chasing me, my family is in danger.. and there is an elevator shaft.  Always with the elevator shaft.  I'm either in the elevator, and it's shaking and falling.  Or I'm on top of the elevator, and it's whizzing past open floors.. I just can't jump off for fear of being cut in half.  Or I'm looking down an open shaft.  Cables jiggling and a breeze blowing in my face.  It's all horrifying.  To me.  I hate elevators.  And my blood starts pumping and I freak out and wake up.  Horrified.  Then... of course... relieved.  But maybe my brain requires all of these emotions to stay on track, and unless I'm horrified every once in a while.... my brain just isn't happy or complete?

So that's my theory.  My life is not horrifying enough, and my brain is just dropping me a little reminder every now an then in my sleep.  Sure, you may be stressed out... but your life could actually be like THIS you ingrate. 

Thanks brain :)  I wish maybe you could just send me an email... but we'll play this game for now. $26nbsp; xoxo