Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You're trying... but you'll not win evil demons! :)

OK. So my mom and dad got into a fight lastnight, because my dad insinuated that her real father was an alcoholic.. and so it's HERRRR fault that my brother is an alcoholic. Nice. So while I was working yesterday I heard, "FUCK YOU!" and the door slammed. And the funny thing is that she's a proper English lady.. and never cusses. The guy helping me actually started laughing... because she sounded so funny. So today I get an email that she's not coming to Easter. ....sigh.... Kids. I tell you. So now it's MY job to placate my mother and make her all happy again so that she will not ruin Easter.

And my ceiling still looks like shit.

But I'm still in a good mood. Although twice a year I get a migraine, and today is the day. If I don't make any sudden movements... I still feel somewhat alright. I'm serious, I'm not giving in. I'm in a good mood, and I MEAN IT!