Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flippin' door nightmares

So the Mister is having work done on the house. Started with replacing siding and painting. We want to make the house a warmer color, other than the grey tone it is now. I made the mistake of reminding him that we wanted to replace the front door.. when he mentioned doing all the wood out there. Agg. So we have an amazing stained glass window above the front door. It's made of huge chunks of glass, it has to be no less than 6" thick. For some reason the previous owners put a huge piece of glass over it, and nobody notices it now because of the glare. So I have been whining to have the glass cover removed since we moved in. It's all going to be done at the same time. We're adding a more gutsy frame around it. So now it's the door. I don't know what I was thinking when I suggested we replace it. Mister thinks I have skill in photoshop and I've morphed at least 30 doors onto the house. He hates mine, I hate his.. and the ones we agree on.. we hate when we wake up the next day.

So this is a photo of the house today. And you can see how beautiful the window is from the inside, and I really wish all the colors were seen from the outside! And yes, we're having the bricks fixed on the wall so no bitching about that.

We really wanted something very antique and unique looking. We checked out a really amazing store downtown, but for just the single doors they wanted $700-$1000. And they needed work! Then someone sent us to a re-store kind of recycling place. Wow, amazing deals.. but no perfect door.

These are some of the options I eked out. Excuse the missing spiral in this photo, it was taken last Fall after it had died. In some I tried to fake a paint job, or add some trim. Whatever. Any votes out there in blogger land? If you hate them all... ZIP IT!