Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Homeschool Snow Day :)

A friend of mine called me a bit ago to inform me that today was a snow day.. and that if I'm schoolin' my boy then it's ABUSE! :) I took this photo with my phone and sent it back to her and told her this is what a homeschool snow day looks like :)

I'm a meeeannnn one... I'm a Grinchhhhh....
At the time we were practicing the whole they're, their and there debacle. I like to spring that one on him randomly because he mixes them up. And a lot of people do! It's a huge annoyance to me when I'm subjected to these people online :) My son might be socially inept, but he will know when it's time for they're, their or there! Hooligans!
And please excuse the hideous wallpaper. I loathe it, but one room at a time :) And I bought a new front door mat yesterday, so the little non-slide thingy for under it is on the buffet, along with some bananas I bought yesterday. I'm a mess.