Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bla bla bla and bla

And yes, we had a lot of fun in Vegas. We enjoyed the drive through Colorado and Utah as usual.. it's just so beautiful. We took my dad's little Scion. I thought it would be horrid, but that little monster kicks arse on the highway. We would be doing 80mph and not even realize it.. so I have no complaints. Other than the fact that it's the size of my right shoe. However, we got excellent gas mileage! The tank is small and only took about $12 to $18 to fill .. depending on where we were. Versus my van which takes about $30 to $40 to fill. So that was odd.. having the tank fill so quickly :)
Strange odd boy did get to have his birthday dinner on the top of Stratosphere, which is his favorite place. As long as I don't pass out in the elevator ride up (or down) I'm fine. It was just the 3 of us going up, with the operator. I got the usual, "Are you alright?" question :) Going down the thing was FULL, so there were so many factors horrifying me at that moment.. we were at the bottom before my mind really had time to focus on one :) Whew!
We stayed at the MGM for a few nights, that was a first for me. Rio is still my favorite, and we stayed there for a few nights. And Hilton, but they're so far off the strip that you feel a bit like you have left Vegas.. which is just peachy fine with me. I thought I uploaded photos to Flickr, but I guess not yet. I'll have to update.
Now we're just back to homeschooling and we've been painting the inside of the house. Finally that hideous wallpaper in my dining room and kitchen is GONE! I'm thrilled. The kitchen isn't finished yet, but will be soon. When we moved in there was a hideous grapes wallpaper in there, and we've never fixed it. Or that crap in the dining room. I felt stuck in the 80's :)
I hope everyone out there in bloggerland is doing great! I will read what's going on. I've been on Facebook for a while, but have grown tired of it. I am sick of all the updates where everyone is taking 1001 tests on what kind of drink you are, what movie star are you... bla bla bla .... And on top of that, the people I couldn't stand in high school are sending me friend requests. Right. You were a complete bitch at school... so I REALLY care what you're doing now. Nope. I don't. I know, I'm old and cranky. But seriously, there was this girl named Pam. She made gradeschool a living hell.. other than this guy named Jason. And I evdn saw her at my dad's restaurant once, and she was still a bitch to me. So why would she ask to be my friend now? When I accept a friend, it means I don't mind if you read my personal shit. I don't want her reading my personal shit! So. I've declined a few people, and the rest are nuts. Well, the ones from school :) There was one lady I was happy to find, but she takes about 300 tests every day and I can't read what anyone else is doing. So. Anyway. Facebook stinks. And Twitter I don't even understand, and don't want to.
I miss my blog :) I can be happy or sad, angry or thrilled. Someone can read it.. or not. It doesn't matter, because it's just a chance for me to GET IT OUT! It's my journal :) And I like it. And no mean little girl from gradeschool can bully me :)