Wednesday, April 4, 2012

That's all you got?

Friday: Hubby leaves town for work.

Saturday Night: Brother shows up drunk in front of my house. Passed out in his car.

Sunday Night: Cops show up, flashing lights and all, at 10:30pm to investigate why there is a drunk guy passed out in front of my house. I'm advised he either comes in or will be taken away.. and his car towed. Which in the end costs the family $$... so drunk brother is now asleep on my basement floor.

Monday: The guy doing my office ceiling is sick, so my office will remain plastic covered chaos yet another day. Dad makes me unwrap his legs, his doctor told him he had to wait until Tuesday. They are better.. but .. well... really gross.

Tuesday: My house is still disorganized chaos everywhere because all the office crap has consumed it. My pansies and all my beautiful Spring flowers are laying on the ground.. thank you Jack Frost. I'm quite certain my lilac bush won't be blooming yet again this year. Again, thanks Jack Frost. However, I'm still in a good mood? So... bring it!
Update: You know, my office looks like something out of the show 'Dexter'. If anyone has seen that on HBO. It's like a little serial killer room. Perhaps I should invite my brother up....