Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My brother is still staying with us. He randomly looks for jobs, and has been doing odd jobs for my sister. He stayed with her Sunday night.. she can only let him sleep over when her husband isn't around so he doesn't know. Pussy. Of course it's OK for us to take on the burden, and for me to have to deal with MrNV NOT being too happy about it. That's OK to her. So today he's 'tired' because he helped her plant flowers yesterday. It's 2:00, and so I yelled down to see what he was up to. "Watching TV". He's in our work room, it's actually a downstairs living room. Carpeted, even has a fireplace. But we vamped it into a work area with our giant printer and tables. It's nice enough. But you know what? That cable box will be shut off by Friday if fucktard doesn't start looking for 1- a new place to live and 2- a fucking job.

So then there is Todd's brother's widow. She has been laid off. Nice enough, I like her. But we're giving her boyfriend work so that they have money. Money that, at this point, they are working off. "Oh, we're gonna be there tomorrow at 8am".. this I hear all the time. And it's OK, it motivates me to get up early so that I'm ready. But.. here it is 2:00.. no show.

So. Whatever. I'm so fucking tired of moochers I can't stand it. Everyone wants money, but nobody wants to ever do the right thing to earn it. Give me give me give me. Just because I'm not broke and am able to be an at home mom, does NOT mean that I don't still work. MrNV and I do what needs to be done every day. We are still running a tile business, and MrNV has that other 'stuff' he does :) He's on the phone constantly setting up 'things' :) We don't call people asking for favors. Never have I ever asked a friend for money. My dad helped us out a few times when we started our business, I always paid him back. Even MrNV's dad helped now and then, and we paid him back.

I'm just mad. Not making much sense, but I'm just pissed. And I feel like a busy body bitch if I go down and see if he's drinking. But if I don't, then he will and then I'll be pissed for not checking. And it's all just so fucked up. And where else is he supposed to go? I can't just kick him out with a mission to ... go there. Cuz there is no there to go to. He shows up drunk at my house, and everyone just expects me to take him in. And if I don't then .. then what? Nothing really. The last time the cops kept him overnight, he ended up back at my house in a cab. He conned my neighbors out of cab fare, and that is just embarrassing. He showed up and I didn't answer the door. He vanished for a bit, and then the cab left. Turns out he told my neighbors the he AND I were locked out and that he needed $ for the cab and that we would pay him back. I mean.... what do I do? Seriously? He has no job, so where is he going to go? And if he goes to some shelter, he'll just get kicked out and show back up here again. All because my husband's brother died a few years ago and was a drug addict. So he feels guilty that he didn't do enough for him, and half-heartedly feels my stupid brother is his redemption or something. Yet he still gets mad at me because my brother is a drunk and we bicker about it.

Then top it off with my dad. Luckily he likes my dad 80% of the time, and he is staying in his room right now. He's just as depressed that his son is a fuck up.


And then there is my son. What kind of fun is it having the drunk uncle around? That you can't get rid of.