Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Dream :)

So I have a horrible fear of heights.  Elevators are always around when I'm having a nightmare.  However, my brain is thinking outside of the box these days, such an impressive little thing.  I was in Las Vegas, and for some reason I was hosting a New Year's Eve party.  Well no, not hosting, covering it.  I was a reporter of some kind... seems to me a pre-break/post-break/coming right back sort of announcer.  It was a huge party/infomercial for some Harrah's location.  The party was poolside, and there were tons of people there.  It was late at night.  So the camera would pan around the crowd from above, and there was a lot of music.  Just as it was time to go to commercial, the camera would cut to some sort of window cleaning basket I was clinging to.  They didn't show me, it was just my voice.. and I would start talking about the new casino and all the great features.. and as I did this the window cleaning basket would start zipping up a somewhat shaky wobbly wire to the roof of the building... 89 floors up.  I really had to brace myself.  It would start from the far side of the pool, and get closer to the building as it flew up.  It's not enough that each time I wanted to hurl everywhere.... but after each commercial.. for some odd reason... I was in a less safe position.  I started standing, the next time I was sort of leaning to the edge... the next time I was hanging over the edge.. it seems the basket was shrinking.  By the time I woke up, I was clinging to this thing for dear life as it zipped up the side of the building to the 89th floor.  I don't know, maybe I was just the camera man.  So I had to hang on to the camera for this panoramic shot the studio wanted.  But I can tell you for a fact, I would have quit the job when they told me what I had to do!!  lol 

Keep it up brain.  You are gonna have to work harder than THAT to keep me from a good sleep :)