Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nope, not dead..

the update... just busy

Dad moved in, and it's going great. I now have a really great personal chef, although MrNV is wigging out with all the sauces. But it's good, and I'm glad we did it. For now :)
Currently we're on vacation, so it's great that my dad can take care of the house and dogs while we're gone. Saved me a big tab at the kennel since we're going on 2 weeks. It's sort of a work-cation. Lots of fun, and a tour of the pools of Vegas with Monkey. We have sadly discovered that nobody seems to have a pool over 4 feet, and not a diving board for miles. But the Golden Nugget in downtown Vegas has won, they have a water slide/tube which goes through a shark tank. Very cool. They won for fun factor. The Palazzo won for damn fine looking pools.. wow that place is beautiful. And they had at least 6 pools. Two large ones, and a bunch of smaller surrounding pools. Beautifully landscaped and on the 3rd (or 4th?) floor so it was private from walking traffic. The Rio is alright. They have a topless pool that I believe you pay $30 for entry, but from our room I think I saw only 1 topless girl. I'm assuming they hire wenches to jazz the place up, but it wasn't particularly jazzy the few days we were there. So it made me chuckle on days where it seemed there were lots of guys... and no women. For a great value pool, The Tuscany won hands down. We arrived early so I booked a room there online. to be specific. I got it for $39 a night, and it's incredibly close to the main strip.. in the MGM area. It's really clean, not one of those hourly rate places :) And it has a kitchenette, which is nice considering prices to eat around here have really gone up. The funny thing is that while MrNV was checking in, I kept noticing larger women entering and exiting the hotel. Groups of them, all dressed up and ready to party. Being a well fed individual myself, I grew curious as I don't often see so many portly girls in one area all at once. Turns out it was some sort of BBW convention. At first I thought this was neat-o, until I discovered it was more of a BBW meeting admirers sorta debauchery. This was fine, until we went to the pool. I don't mind people being proud of their bodies, but show some discretion.. holy cow! A bikini and thong is not ... just not. But the pool wasn't bad at all.

Oh, and we ate at The Social House. Monkey begged to eat at a restaurant that overlooked the pirate battle at Treasure Island. Little did we know that it was.. sushi. Egads. But I had this really good appetizer that was raw yellow fin or something? It was really good, and seared tuna. But for dinner we had fried fish :) We can only do so much raw food. And we at at a nice little place along the water in The Venetian.

Well, off to cause chaos. I'll post photos later and get back to blogging. Because I'm a craptastical blogger.

And Softballslut! Congratulations on your wedding! I haven't pulled the photos up yet, but thank you for forwarding them. I'll do it now! xoxox