Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Dear Journal :)

Had to kick out my brother Saturday night. Turns out he was sneaking in liquor in his Propel bottle. He was stumbling around the kitchen drunk, so out he went to sleep in his car. He left Sunday after sleeping it off. I'm sure he'll show up here again. He was asleep in the grocery store parking lot in our neighborhood lastnight. Yes, my dad paid for rehab 3 times and he also went to a state sponsored rehab. No, there is nothing we can do. He's 50.. when is he going to take responsibility for his own life? Ugh. My neighbors. I can only imagine the crap they're thinking.

Another friend called for money over the weekend. I picked her up and we sat at Sonic and I listened over a burger. Odd how people are broke, yet are putting up new garage doors and just had all of the rooms in their house painted. She only asked for $100, so that's all I gave her. She was crying and frantic on the phone, I have no idea what's going on. Her husband is laid off from Ford, but don't they still make 80% of their income or something? And I went by her house after, she wanted me to see the painted rooms. Her husband was as charming as usual, didn't even look away from his computer to say hello. Blah. Sometimes I wonder how some couples stay married.

On a positive note, Monkey did just fine at his recital Sunday. He was frustrated that the song was easy, so we're going to ask for something more challenging for the next recital. Poor kid :) So his name is now Maestro :)