Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dear journal :)

I know it has been a while since I've been here. Have been farting around a bit on Facebook. Meh. But it's damn hot right now and I fear going outside :)

Up thingies:

My brother entered a 1 year long program for addicts. I have no idea what it's like, but I'm just so happy he is somewhere he will be taken care of. For the first 2 months he can't visit with anyone, can't leave..nothing. After that he gets to leave during the day with the services and they work at Harvesters (they handle donated food stuffs), charity houses and such. He had reached the bottom, even wrecked his car. He wanted to check himself in, and was very much into it. So.. I'm actually going to pray on this one. I don't like to pray a lot, I figure the Big Man is very busy. I like to save it for the important stuff.. call in my favors when needed :)

Monkey Boy won another match in tennis today, so that's good. He's still learning, but trying very hard. It was so damn hot and it was at an outdoor tennis court. Our little tennis club is indoors, but those country clubs shove the tennis players outside ;) Bwahahha. Calculate this.. it's 7:00pm right now and the temperature is 95.. heat index 110. Humidity is 56%. That's just nuts-o. Imagine what it was like at 2:00pm when he had to play.. and you will feel his pain :)

Bad thingies:

I think I'm a social retard :) Sitting at the tennis match today, I just can't socialize with those women. Rambling on and on about how busy their social calendar is and how they just feel like a chauffeur sometimes. Snarling sarcastically about how once they leave they have to run this kid here and that kid there and bla bla bla. Why have kids if you're going to bitch about it? Why book them in all these activities if you're going to bitch about it? Wait, cuz you like to bitch about things? I just like fun people. I must be a redneck :)

Um, that's about it. I'm growing many things outside. I need to take some updated photos. I'm having the worst luck with strawberries. Little fuckers. I bought roots, and they were ass. So I am trying some seeds now. I also bought seeds for a giant redwood. I'm giddy! Some guy 30 minutes north of here has one which is 10' round. I can do it! I wanted to start from seed to make it more exciting. And some other really amazing plants. Will udpate later as they grow ;) This page will now become my gardening journal.. as it is my new phase :) I guess until August.. when everything is so hot I won't be able to go outside and will just let it all die. MWahahahaha!

Well, journal, be well. One day maybe I'll tell you what a prick my sister's husband is.. and what he's up to. Not sure it will mix in with my gardening info.. but it will sure make it more.. um.. lurid?