Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dream Log

I had the strangest dream lastnight, and I was so angry and freaked out through the whole thing. I had a dream that I woke up and as I was coming downstairs I glanced at the overlook into the living room.. and it was all decorated for Christmas. I walked over to the balcony area and as I could view the rest of the living room, everything was back just as it was at Christmas. There was a tree all decorated with lights and orn`ments. There were even poinsettias everywhere... beautiful big red ones. But I was so annoyed, as it was NOT Christmas. When I came downstairs I found my dad in the kitchen asleep in a chair laying on the table. He woke up and told me it was Christmas. I explained that it was Spring, and asked why he would take the time to dig up all of the Christmas things. He was acting crazy, and I can't remember now what all he said.. but he was determined it was Christmas. And he wanted everything up because it made him happy. (Which, in real life is a lie.. he hates Christmas :)). For some reason I went into his room and took his guns, he was playing with them. I think I was worried that he had gone insane... and nobody wants an insane man playing with guns :) But in my dream I was really mad and yelling at him about how long it took us to put all that stuff away and now we would have to do it again. But I do remember thinking, "Oh, it's only a dream."... and then I would immediately think... "No! It's not! Your father has really gone insane.. you're awake!" At one point I even woke up again in the dream.. to find Christmas stuff everywhere. That was the most frustrating, because I didn't know what I was going to do with dad.

So. Luckily I am now awake and there are no Christmas ornaments.. and dad hates Christmas just as much as he did when I went to bed :) Whew!!