Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Confessions of a bad daughter


So I have been working towards my dad moving in, he wants to be here by May 1st. Today he had some auction company come by and pick up all his art and antiques and such. Yesterday he called upset because everyone we have asked to help him has blown him off.. as usual. So I took the little kiddo-s by lastnight and they worked hard moving things around. While in his spare room, I noticed that he still had my Aunt's hand painted china in the closet. This would be the china I ranted about last year that he told me he had sold. It was the last set she worked on, and she had it finished by art students when she became too ill to finish it. He did give me a dinner plate set with vegetables on it, which I greatly appreciated. I got it last month. But this was the original set I had asked for, and he decided to fuck with me. So lastnight MissA was in the room with me, and my dad was elsewhere. She helped me snag the tea pot, creamer and sugar jar. Bwahahahah! I remembered the tea pot, which was the part I really wanted. It had her initials on the bottom, the rest were done by the students. So today when I went over there to help pack up the rest of the things, he said he was not selling it... because.. mumble mumble.. wants it. He said 'what's her name'.. which would be one of my bitch sisters. So I am THRILLED that I took the 3 pieces lastnight. Neither of my sisters ever liked my Aunt, and I would feel ill knowing they had it. Bwahahah! I know. So petty. They can have the rest of the set because all they care about is how it 'looks' not that it has any sentimental value. I'll post a photo later, but I needed to get my sin off my chest :)

I'll say 3 hail Mary's and be on my way :)