Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Brain Download

So, diary, the brother is in jail. I know it's a bad thing, but I'm glad.. I just hope he stays. We got the call last Wednesday that he wanted us to come and bail us out. "I left $500.00 in my car, and the bail is $500.00. Come and get me." So I called the police station, because if he had been arrested for an unpaid ticket or something I would have. But the lady explained that, "He crashed into a car and left the scene of the accident. We arrested him at his apartment but could not give him a DWI because he was no longer in the car." Of course. His luck amazes me. Thankfully it was a parked car and nobody was injured. He pleaded not guilty in his video court thingy on Friday, so today he had another video court. Hopefully when I call they will tell me what the results were, so I know if he's out and about or not. I know it's a shit thing to say, but I do hope they keep him. I was so angry when dad took him to get his car out of the impound as it is, we actually got into a fight over it. "He needs a car to work.." is his argument. He's dad, I get it, he wants his son to work it out. It's so sad really how his mood changes when we find out what Adrian is up to. But I know he's going to kill someone in that car one day, and it may not only be himself.

So while he was sober dad was trying to think of things to keep his mind occupied. They decided, with Mother's Day coming up, that Adrian could sell the teacup flower pots I made. lol. So they went to Wal-Mart and bought 20 of them and all the flowers to go in them. Sadly to say, I'm not stuck with 20 flower pots. I tried selling them at our CVS last week out of the Scion, and they chased me off. I'm just going to clean them and do a return at Wal-Mart. My sister is the queen of returns, she's going to help. I hate returning anything, makes me want to cry. Especially 15 or 16 pots. A couple sold, and I gave some away :)

We did go to my brothers car, to see if the idiot really did leave $500 in there. It was $320.. cash. I took it and gave it to my dad, as he owes him $600 anyway. Better we get it or it's towed while he's in jail. I know, cold hearted. Tack on all the bills for the foo-foo rehabs and multiple cars he has wrecked over the years... that $320 felt good :) After I return the pots he'll actually break even on the flower deal so it's a good thing.

Saw the cute Kia Soul the other day at the Dollar Tree. The lady caught me taking a picture. She was very excited, she had just picked it up that day :) Now if she could just get rid of the 2 bratty kids that got into the car with her.. I would have envied her for a moment :) But she blew it.

Mother's Day was very nice. Although it rained. Invited mom and step over for seafood pizza. Dad isn't feeling too good this week, so he had fun harassing them. Although my mother's flirting and reminiscing is starting to get a little nauseating. If she goes back to my dad, I have news for them... HE IS MOVING OUT!!! They can get their OWN little love bungalow. The other day she came over without my step, he was off doing something. She was in dad's room and they're all chatty-chatty for over an hour. Then the step came and said, "Ha! I caught you in your ex-husband's bedroom!".. and they all laughed. Freaks. If I catch them in a threesome... I am moving out!!