Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I remembered my password!

Not that I actually forgot it.  It's just that it jerks me around so much I lose interest when logging in.  Why can't things be simple?  Lots of noise, chaos and homeschool right now.  I know I'm having dreams, but if I don't log them when I get up I forget.  I'm old.  It happens.  My son is lucky if I remember to feed him ;)

I want a coffee.  I like that McDonald's mocha frappe, but it has so much sugar in it.  But I want one.  I might go get one.  But if I delay until soccer, then I won't because the boy and the man give me the 'do you really need that?' look.. then I feel guilty.  Because they know in an hour I'll be bitchy that I had one and they have to live with it.  It's a horrible circle.

I guess I'll just drink another tea and be over it.
And that's all I've got for now :)  Hi blog!!  <>