Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dream Log

I had the most grotesque dreams lastnight. Seriously horrid. I was on vacation at the beginning. I was travelling with another lady, but not my sisters or anyone I knew. She was cracking me up because we were going to go and hang out at the pool. She was all dressed and ready to go, but was cleaning our hotel room. I mean CLEANING. She had brought her own spray cleaners and was even scrubbing down all the seats. I kept teasing her that she was a germ-a-phobe (or whatever you call that) and she kept denying. So I snuck out and went to the pool.. but didn't make it to the pool. At the end of the hallway there were a bunch of religious relics and a huge cathedral. I was looking at all the relics. Little odd looking statues (about 6-10 inches in size) made from a very ashen material. They were effigy's of different evil people. I've been reading with Alex about the mound people and the different things they would bury with the dead, so it must be from that.

While going through the boxes, a little boy walked up. He kind of looked like Alex, but didn't. I think it was that creepy kid from the scary movie.. I have no idea what it was called. He had on a black cloak and kept staring at me. I left, but it was dark outside now. I don't remember everything from this point, but there was a man that wanted to murder someone. He did and he became evil. From the body of the other man, evil demons were coming out of his stomach. they looked like humans, but when you would look up close their skin would be melting or they had other deformities. It was just gross, and they were everywhere around the pool. His girlfriend showed up, and it upset him because he realized now that he was evil there was no way he could be with his girlfriend. He tried to help her escape, but the evil demons were after her. She was hiding, but they had this spray which detected virgins (I know, this is nuts I am whack). They would spray it in the air, and this really high pitched screaming siren noise would sound out where the girl was. It was really odd. I just remember all the creepy sounds, and I woke up. I have no idea if the virgin survived :) lol

So that's my dream log du jour :)