Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More mental chaos

So lastnights dream again involved an elevator.  Again.  I had a lot of dreams, but this is the only one I remember.. since I woke up screaming!  I was at a large building, many floors, over 100.  I stepped into the elevator.. and in doing this my brain always tells me there is no way it's going to end well... but I never listen :)  I remember looking around thinking it was a huuuuge elevator.  There was actually a small room in the center of the square elevator.  It was very wide in all directions.  I could see the concrete walls of the actual shaft, there were no elevator walls.  It didn't sink in that this was an issue, until it started moving.  The small room in the center vanished... basically what happened is that the walls of that small room were attached to the base of the elevator shaft.  As the elevator started rising, and the walls of that small room vanished.. there was a HUGE hole in the center of the floor on this elevator.  So there was a small platform to stand on, one false move and you're going to either die by elevator shaft wall... or fall through the huge hole in the center.  We were going up so fast, I dropped to the floor and tried clinging to it for dear life.  Just as I screamed... I woke up.

Fucking dreams.
I blame Taco Bell :)  Last time my son gets to choose what we have for dinner.