Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maybe he should not be a doctor when he grows up..

Monkey perked up with this in the car the other night, took MrNV and I a moment to translate :)

Monkey: "I really don't want my testicles removed."
Me and MrNV: basic look of, 'uh?'
Me: "What? What are you talking about?"
Monkey: "I don't want my testicles removed."
Me: "Yah, got that. Why would you even say that?" (.. thinking maybe he's referring to the fact we just had the dog Bandit fixed)
Monkey: doesn't answer, as he's trying to figure out WHERE the confusion is
Me: "It's not something you would ever have done. You really shouldn't go around saying things like that."
Monkey: realizes maybe it was all lost in translation.. and tries to explain. "You know, when you have surgery and you get a lot of ice cream after?"
MrNV and I: Ohhhhhhhhh
Me: "Um, those are called tonsils. Totally different."