Wednesday, April 4, 2012

eew.. learning? lol Dream Log

The end of my dream this morning woke me up, I think because I was annoyed that I was learning!  haha  Someone used the expression, "He looked like he had been Cnlorado figged"... and I didn't understand.  So my brain explained it to me, "Well, seems in Colorado they have these fig trees and people often walk into the large branches.. and become dazed and confused."  Funny thing is the voice sounded like the guy from 'Dukes of Hazard'.. the guy that talked over the plot?  Haaaaa!  Holy shyte, my inner brain is a hillbilly.  I always knew it.

Alex and I have been reading a book recently with some expressions he doesn't understand, so I find myself stopping him to explain what the expression means.  I think that's why I had this hiccup of a dream.  But I Googled it.. there are no Colorado Fig trees ;)